The cross of Old Delhi

Old delhi national bus terminus is a crowded place but there is this silent 19th century christian cemetry. The dead and buried are british soldiers and their families who were killed during the famous 1857 revolt. The first war of independence brought the rebels to Delhi and they entered the fort and captured it only to be taken away in the battle that followed soon after. The last Mughal King Bahadurshah zafar was sent to exile from Delhi to Rangoon in myanmar where he died but not before seeing his 14 sons being hanged by British forces. The history is full of such stories but this cemetry somehow looks serene to me.

Streets of Mumbai

Streets and traffic signals have sights like these in plenty. This old woman and her friend have left their home, beg in the city and live on the footpath. No one knows where they come from and where they go after few months.


Old woman looking for alms on a mumbai street. Poor and homeless wander around the city looking for help. They can be seen all over specially on traffic signal halts finding their way through the winding spaces between the vehicles.

Beggar problem in india is a curse. Although india is a free country but its backward on social front with issues like this.